Yves (LOONA) Profile and Facts

Stage Name: Yves (이브)
Birth Name: Ha Sooyoung (하수영)
Birthday: May 24, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
Blood Type: O
Sub-Unit: LOONA yyxy

Yves Facts:
– Yves debuted November 27, 2017 under LOONA with the song “new”
– Her color is burgundy and her animal is a swan
– She apparently appeared in LOONA ODD EYE CIRCLE’s “Girl Front” music video
– Her name is pronounced as ‘Eve’
– If she could choose another solo song, she would choose Gowon’s “One & Only”
– She is a student at a Korean dancing academy.
– Yves wants to form a ballad subunit with Jinsoul and Kim Lip
– She’s the best cook in LOONA
– Her charm point is her sense of humor according to Olivia Hye
– Yves isn’t afraid of bugs and caught a mosquito with her bare hands
– While filming Chuu’s “Heart Attack” music video, Yves book was in English so she fell asleep
– According to Gowon, Yves position in yyxy is elegance
– Yves has a few nicknames among the members: Hasu, Suguyam and Subongi.
– Netizens say that Yves looks like a mix of Sulli of f(x) and Dasom (Sistar).
– Yves was a trainee for 3 weeks.
– Chuu said her first impression of Yves was that she’s really pretty.
– Yves sold 155 albums on her first day (Hanteo).
– She loves all carbonated drinks.
– She has a dog named Haneul (8 years, landlord)
– Yves’ most precious things are her family, LOONA, spicy rice cakes and chicken feet.
– She likes fries.
– Yves prefers sexy over cute.
– She prefers to be called Sooyoung
– Yves’ role model is Suzy.
– She shares a room with Chuu, Go Won and Olivia Hye
– Yves used to be a model for MariShe

Yves’ Solo Song: