Yeojin(LOONA) Profile and Facts

Stage Name: Yeojin (여진)
Birth Name: Im Yeojin (임여진)
Birthday:November 11, 2002
Zodiac Sign:Scorpio
Birthplace: Guro, South Korea
Blood Type: B
Sub-Unit: LOONA 1/3

Yeojin Facts:
– Yeojin debuted January 15, 2017 under LOONA with the song “Kiss Later”
– Her color is orange and her animal is a frog
– She hates bicycles because of a traumatic experience when she was younger
– She hates eating beans
– According to ODD EYE CIRCLE members, she’s the loudest at the dorm
– Yeojin gets along the best with Haseul
– She wants to try a sexy concept
– Yeojin likes to do nail art as a hobby
– She wants the fandom name to be Tteokbokki (spicy rice cake)
– The other members describe her as the vitamin of LOONA
– She is a only child
– Yeojin has graduated from junior high on February 8th, 2018.
– They call Yeojin Bean/Bun.
– Yeojin is the shortest.
– A lot of people think Haseul and Yeojin look like siblings.
– Yeojin said that she sang “Into the New World” (SNSD) for her audition. (vLive)
– She has been practicing “Heart Shaker” (Twice) and “Kiss Later”. (vLive)

Yeojin’s Solo Song: