Jinsoul (LOONA) Profile and Facts


Stage Name: Jinsoul (진솔)
Birth Name: Jung Jinsoul (정진솔)
Birthday: June 13, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Birthplace: Chuncheon, South Korea
Blood Type: B

Jinsoul Facts:
– Jinsoul debuted June 25, 2017 under LOONA with the song “Singing in the Rain”
– Her color is blue and her animal is a Siamese Fighter fish
– Jinsoul said that for her audition she sang Gummy’s “If You Return”. (171111 Jongro Fansign with odd eye circle)
– Jinsoul is the tallest member so far – as of November 2017 (ODD EYE CIRCLE INTERVIEW WITH XSports)
– Jinsoul has dimples.
– Choerry says Jinsoul wears a Zootopia Judy hat to sleep
– Jinsoul compares herself to a pig
– Gowon wants to take care of Jinsoul
– She ranked herself No.1 in coolness out of all the members
– She has an older brother.
– Her designed colors are blue and black.
– She is a former DSP Entertainment trainee.
– Her nickname is Jindollie
– JinSoul had caught the eyes of the fans first with ViVi’s help during their encounter in Hong Kong.
– A lot of fans called Jinsoul mini Elkie since she was first spotted in Hong Kong, where Elkie (CLC) is from, and looked like her a lot.
– Jinsoul thinks her charm is her dumbness.
– She said that if she could be in another group, she’d love to be in Red Velvet.
– Her foot size is 240. (ODD EYE CIRCLE INTERVIEW WITH XSports)
– She likes spicy rice cakes, ramen, watermelon and carbonated drinks. (Telepathy Event)
– She studied piano for 9 years.
– She loves webtoons.
– Jinsoul hopes that one day LOONA will shine like the fireworks they saw in the US.
– Jinsoul’s role model is Krystal (f(x)).
– Jinsoul is the closest with Hyunjin and Choerry.
– Jinsoul’s favorite colors are indipink and black.
– Her idol is Suzy.
– Jinsoul’s ideal type is a cute boy. (ODD EYE CIRCLE INTERVIEW WITH XSports)

Jinsoul’s Solo Song: